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With the onset of a very cold and snowy winter I decided to order a parka for my dog. After doing some searching I found that they had the active coat that I was looking for in stock. In fact they did not have it in stock and did not know if or when they would receive this item. They suggested a substitute.

I used their sizing chart to determine the size and changed my order. When I received the coat it did not even get close on fitting my dog. They refused to let me return it or exchange it!!

Very unprofessional mail order business!!

Don't waste your money or time on this business! This one is a loser and they really don't have anything that you can't get elsewhere.

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My creditcard company did a chargeback and I send back the coat to this awful store. This is lalagirl2015.


I agree...they are terrible to work with and their return policy is awful.

Farmingville, New York, United States #930691

I just filed a complaint with my credit card company and will contact Better Business Bureau for the exact same complaint as you have! I wish I would have seen this complaint first before being yricked by them also! Good Luck!

to lalagirl2015 Farmingville, New York, United States #930692

tricked, I meant.


It makes sense if you have sporting dogs that spend most of the day in the snow! Don't get a dog!


:grin Makes two losers - a parka for a dog - geez

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